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Junior Division: F.1 to F.3 students aged 17 or below (should be born on or after 26 February 2003), comprising 2 to 5 students per team.
Senior Division: F.4 to F.6 students aged 19 or below (should be born on or after 26 February 2001), comprising 2 to 5 students per team.
Scientific Wallchart Division: Students from F.1 to F.6 aged 19 or below (born on or after 26 February 2001)
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Part C
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1. Aim of the Project (Reasons for choosing the topic and details of the problems to be solved)
2. Scope of the Project (Please provide a clear definition of scope and list the materials and instruments required)
3. Action Plan and Time Frame (Please show the progress of work at various stages)
The organizers emphasized that to ensure safety is of the first importance to carry out the projects and experiments. All of you must go over the safety guidelines issued by EDB to ensure that you adhere to the safety standards set forth in the manual. Please click here for the guideline.

Our team has read the above guidelines issued by EDB. We will make sure that our team is working under a safe and healthy working environment.

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