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International (F.1-F.6; US Grade 7-12; UK Year 8-13)
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International Division: Non-Hong Kong students from secondary F.1 to F.6 (US Grade 7-12; UK Year 8-13) aged 19 or below (born on or after 21 March 2001)
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Please note that a registration fee of HKD4,000 (USD520) is required for each participant from 19 to 23 March 2020 (5 days 4 nights). The registration fee includes accommodation (share a twin room) and transportation from hotel to the event venue. Participants who wish to join the optional Discover Hong Kong Programme have to pay extra HKD1,000 (USD130) for the accommodation, transportation and relevant entrance fee of 23 March. A total of HKD5,000 (USD650) registration fee is required (6 days 5 nights).

One teacher guide per team is waived for the registration fee (share a twin room). The rate for extra night or single room is HKD1,000 (USD130) per night, per person.

Please fill in details in this link if you need us to book extra nights for you.

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Shortlisted teams will be announced through email and on HKSSPC website.
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